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William Powell has compiled some of the most noted dates in American History and has put them in a format that assists the student to memorize the dates of reference to the United States Presidents, States, Wars, Assassinations, Nuclear Events and Reformers in a chronological order.

The artist at work.

Our Goals
  • To make learning fun.
  • To be able to cook, heat and cool without using the grid.
  • To improve the awareness of our environment.

My business was founded in 1994 as a proprietor selling electronic component parts. In 2000 I wrote my first geneology book for the 10 grandchildren of John and Birtha Powell. Both John Powell III and Bertha Harris are direct descendants of the founders of the Fenwich Colony. Some of the other books or pamphlets I have written are how to books. How to build a solar oven to cook baked potatoes. How to build a portable evaporative cooler for your car, truck, boat or RV, as well as, for pets traveling or in trade shows.